Agate Wrapped Pendant

Pendant size around 40 x 30 cm

Wire: Copper wire anti tarnish 20 ga

Technique: Wire work

Price: 10 EUR (Sold)

Gold Pearls Necklace

Beads: gold pearls.

Pendant: Indian glass.

Wire: Brown copper wire 20 ga

Technique: Wire work

Price: 10 EUR (SOLD)

Red Jasper Necklace

Beads: red jasper stone chips, round glass beads.

Focal bead: Indian glass

Technique: Stringing

Price: 12 EUR - SALE 20%, now 9.6 EUR

Tiger Eye Necklace

Beads: Tiger eye stone chips, metal beads, agate round.

Technique: Stringing

Price: 12 EUR (each) - Sale 20%, now 9.6 EUR.

Crystal Macaroni with Bronzy Beads

Beads: Fresh water pearls, macaroni glass beads, bone beads.

Technique: Stringing

Price: 36 EUR (SOLD)

Emerald Amethyst Stringing Necklace

Beads: Swarovski starfish pendant, swarovski amethyst cube, swarovski amethyst rond, emerald Czech glass beads, metal beads.

Technique: Stringing

Price: 17 EUR (SOLD)

Malachite with Emerald Necklace

Beads: Czech glass beads, malachite stone beads, swarovski emerald.

Pendant: Crystal swarovski.

Technique: Stringing

Price: 14 EUR (SOLD)

Leopard in Silver Necklace

  • Leopard stone for the pendant
  • Rhodonite beads
  • Quartz Rose beads
  • Fine silver wire 1 mm
  • Fine silver wire 0.70 mm
  • Silver plated wire 0.50 mm
  • Silver plated swirl links
Technique: Wire work

Price: 32 EUR (SOLD)